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Starting today, when you use the Google Search app on your iPhone, you’ll see a completely redesigned interface that gives you faster results, beautiful full-screen image search, and a simple way to access all your Google apps in one place, says Noah Levin, Interaction Designer, Google Search apps.

Autocompletion of search suggestions is significantly faster in this latest version of the app, says Mr. Levin. Pages load faster, and checking out multiple pages is easier with the slide-in panel. There is also a swipeable menu, and you can swipe back and forth between webpages and your search results, or between search modes like Images and Places. You can also search text within a webpage by tapping the magnifying glass on the bottom menu option on any page.

Tapping the images button at the bottom of the search results page, loads your images into grid. You can browse through images, get image details, or share images right from the app. The app also combines all Google services in one place.

[Images Courtesy: Google]