Google Launches Touchscreen Chromebook

chromebook_pixel[Techtaffy Newsdesk]

Google has launched a touchscreen chromebook ‘for power users who have fully embraced the cloud.’ Hello, Chromebook Pixel!

The Pixel is made from an anodized aluminum alloy, with hidden vents and screws that are not invisible, and a touchpad made from etched glass. The Pixel has full-range speakers, a 720p webcam for clear video, and a total of three microphones. The Pixel also has 4.3 million pixels, and the highest pixel density (239 pixels per inch), of any laptop screen on the market today, says Google.  

The Pixel is powered by an Intel Core i5 Processor, and uses a solid state Flash memory architecture. One terabyte of Google Drive cloud storage is included with the Pixel, free for three years.

Linus Upson (Vice President, Engineering): It’s one of the most exciting times in the history of personal computing, thanks to a rapid pace of change, innovation and consumer adoption of devices.

As you can see from the pictures, the Pixel looks like a Macbook cousin, once or twice removed. It is Macbookianly (wait, is that even a word) expensive as well. The WiFi version costs $1,299, the LTE version $1,449. (Since chromebooks run on Chrome OS, you will need an Internet connection almost always. The argument for shelling out the extra $200 for the LTE model is pretty strong.)


The Pixel is currently available on Google Play in the U.S. and U.K. It will also be available on Best Buy soon. The wifi version will start shipping on the week of February 24th. The LTE Chromebook Pixel will be available in April.

What do you think of the rumors of Google opening retail stores?

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