Google has announced seven principles that the company says will guide its artificial research work going forward. “These are not theoretical concepts; they are concrete standards that will actively govern our research and product development and will impact our business decisions,” wrote Sundar Pichai in a blog post.

Let’s take a look at the principles now:

  1. Be socially beneficial.
  2. Avoid creating or reinforcing unfair bias.
  3. Be built and tested for safety.
  4. Be accountable to people.
  5. Incorporate privacy design principles.
  6. Uphold high standards of scientific excellence.
  7. Be made available for uses that accord with these principles.

Google has also identified areas where the company will not design or deploy AI; including weapons or other technologies whose principal purpose or implementation is to cause or directly facilitate injury to people, and technologies that cause or are likely to cause overall harm

Here is the link:

[Image courtesy: Google]