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GE  and Google  has signed an agreement to integrate Google Maps data into GE’s Smallworld electrical, telecommunications and gas applications.

GE has developed a set of small focused applications for the Web, mobile devices and desktops. Google’s mapping content will form an integral part of GE’s solutions, strengthening the existing geospatial capabilities of GE’s Smallworld products by providing out-of-the-box base mapping as well as visualization and analytics capabilities.

GE’s Distribution Management Systems and Outage Management Systems also will utilize Google’s mapping content in the context of operational control of electricity networks. For field operators, GE will utilize Google’s Android platform to augment its existing portfolio of mobile products. The new portable solution will integrate Google Maps.

Tarun Bhatnagarr (Director, Geo Enterprise, Google): Because so many people already know how to use Google Maps, this allows GE’s Smallworld technology to be an even more powerful enterprise solution.

GE’s Smallworld geospatial solutions design and model complex network infrastructures while supporting asset management lifecycle processes and producing solutions for companies with complex network asset management problems.