Fusion-io Developing Flash-Aware Interfaces For MySQL


Fusion-io is collaborating with Oracle on the development of flash-aware interfaces for MySQL. These interfaces include NVM Compression, a flash-aware interface that can double the usable capacity of Fusion ioMemory flash, and Atomic Writes, an interface that enables more efficient database commits when running on flash memory.

Pankaj Mehra (CTO, Fusion-io):  Flash-aware interfaces like NVM Compression and Atomic Writes underline the significant divide between flash as a memory and flash SSDs. The value of enterprise flash memory is maximized as a memory tier that enables unique optimizations for cloud computing, big data, in-memory databases and high volume transactions.  

The NVM Compression and Atomic Writes interfaces are available in the MySQL 5.7.4 Development Milestone Release (for Atomic Writes) and as early access feature at for NVM Compression. Fusion ioMemory platforms for MySQL database acceleration are available from server vendors including HP, Cisco, Dell, IBM, and Supermicro.

[Image courtesy: Fusion-io]

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