Fusion-io has acquired ID7 for an undisclosed sum. Established in 2006, ID7 is a UK-based storage technology company working in the development of storage software solutions across all types of interfaces including iSCSI, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand.

ID7 is the primary development team behind SCST, a Linux storage subsystem technology utilized and branded by storage vendors. ID7 has been collaborating with Fusion-io on software development for the ION Data Accelerator software.

David Flynn (CEO and Chairman, Fusion-io):  Software defined storage platforms are key to delivering peak performance and efficiency in today’s datacenters.

In addition to maintaining an open source version of SCST, Fusion-io says it will continue to contribute to the open source distribution.

The ID7 team, including the primary SCST developers, will join Fusion-io. The teams will continue to collaborate with Fusion-io engineering from their current locations across Europe and the United States.

SCST is a SCSI target subsystem for Linux operating systems that enables advanced functionality, including replication, thin provisioning, deduplication, high availability, and automatic backup on any Linux server or appliance.