Forrester: Digital Disruption To Drive China’s Tech Agenda


Internet companies have intensified the competition in China, digitally disrupting every industry with new business and delivery models, says Forrester. Forrester identifies the top ten technology management priorities for China-based CIOs in 2015 that will help transform their organizations into customer-obsessed digital enterprises (CODE).

According to the report, technology strategy is changing in three dimensions:

1) Rapid innovation to address digital disruption from Internet companies; CIOs in China must keep a close watch on emerging technologies to accelerate the ideation-to-commercialization process and address the requirements of digitally empowered customers with scale.

2) Redesign of customer-facing software to renovate corporate brand; Differentiation through software innovation is becoming one of the most important strategies for firms to engage customers and establish brand awareness. CIOs in China need to align the “three Es” of customer experience – effectiveness, ease, and emotion – with product strategies.

3) Consolidation of voice of the customer (VoC) programs to establish a holistic view of every unique customer across the entire life cycle. Business units face the issue of selecting the best VoC program platform to meet everyone’s needs. CIOs must establish a holistic view of the customer life cycle unique to their business context and take responsibility for vendor selection and management of all channels, including social, web and mobile.

According to Forrester, seven trends that CIOs need to prioritize in their agenda for 2015 are predictive analytics, business agility, mobilization, the Internet of Things (IoT), develop and operations (DevOps), hybrid cloud, and business-oriented IT service management (ITSM) provided as a service.

[Image courtesy: Forrester]

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