Its been a busy day at the Oracle OpenWorld 2011. The company made several key announcements, and Lary Ellison was his usual self. “When we first bought Sun, a lot of people said we would get out of the hardware business. I guess we didn’t get the memo,” he said.

Read more about how Oracle brings business at the speed right to your cubicle-step and how you can finally catch ‘Big Data’.


Highlights at a glance:

Oracle introduced the Exalytics Business Intelligence Machine: The Exalytics Business Intelligence Machine, is an in-memory hardware and software system, which the company says is the industry’s first.The system is expected to provide real-time speed-of-thought visual analysis, and enable new types of analytic applications. Find the official media release on the launch here.


Oracle unveiled the Big Data Appliance: The Oracle Big Data Appliance is a new engineered system that enables enterprises to analyze ‘Big Data’ or data that isn’t readily accessible in enterprise data warehouses and business intelligence applications. Big data would include Weblogs, social media feeds, smart meters, sensors and other devices generate massive volumes of data.

The Big Data Appliance has a tightly coupled hardware-software mix, and includes an open source distribution of Apache Hadoop, Oracle NoSQL Database, Oracle Data Integrator Application Adapter for Hadoop, Oracle Loader for Hadoop, and an open source distribution of R. Read the press release here.  You can find more information on Oracle and Big Data here.

Global Partners were awarded: Among the winners were Cintra Software (Database partner of the year),  Deloitte (Middleware), Capgemini UK (Applications), Accenture (Industry) and Jet Infosystems (Server, Storage system).