FBI Releases Classified Content On Steve Jobs

[By Sudarshana Banerjee]

The FBI has released a file on former Apple CEO and founder Steve Jobs. The classified document was compiled way back in 1991 when Mr. Jobs was being considered for an appointed position on the U.S. President’s Export Council. This release consists of the FBI’s 1991 background investigation of Mr. Jobs for that position and a 1985 investigation of a bomb threat against Apple.

What are the results of the FBI investigation on Mr. Jobs? He has no close relatives residing in Communist-controlled countries. He is believed to have experimented with illegal drugs, including marijuana and LSD.

While most of the people the FBI interviewed in the matter spoke well of Mr. Jobs, some mentioned the fact that he is shallow and narcissictic, and mistreated his daughter born out of wedlock by not supporting her, but subsequently has been more supportive.

The people interviewed, whose names have not been revealed, talk of Steve Jobs as a honest and trustworthy individual, however a few do question his moral character. Others say he has alienated  a lot of people because of his ambition, or distort the truth at times to get his way.

“Two individuals who were acquainted with Mr. Jobs while they were exmployed at ACI, offered favorable comments concerning Mr. Jobs. They stated that he is strong willed, stubborn, hardworking, and driven, which they believe is why he is successful. They further stated however that Mr Jobs possesses integrity as long as he gets his way, however they did not elaborate on this.”

You can access the complete 191-page document, including the transcript of FBI’s interview with Steve Jobs here.

Did Mr. Jobs get the job he was being interviewed for? Yes, says the San Francisco Chronicle, “Bush appointed Jobs to the President’s Export Council on May 24, 1990, where he served until the end of the Republican president’s term in January 1993,” citing Robert Holzweiss, a researcher at the George Bush Presidential Library in College Station, as the source.







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