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The FBI announced plans to share the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) technology with its law enforcement partners in Mauritius.  A letter of agreement will allow the Mauritius Forensic Science Laboratory to operate a DNA database, utilizing the same platform as many of its South American, Mexican, and Caribbean counterparts.

Once CODIS is installed, the Mauritius Forensic Science Laboratory will join more than 70 international laboratories that are using the software for the management of its DNA data.

The CODIS system provided will have no connectivity to the U.S. National DNA database. The FBI Laboratory sponsors CODIS as part of a technical assistance program to international law enforcement forensic laboratories. The software allows laboratories to store, compare, and match DNA records from offenders, crime scene evidence, unidentified human remains, and relatives of missing persons.

In 1998 the National DNA database, known as the National DNA Index System (NDIS), was established in the United States. Currently, NDIS has over 11 million searchable profiles and has aided over 177,000 investigations.

Upload: 04-09-12