Facebook Founder’s Sister Turns Angel Investor With Trippy

By Sudarshana Banerjee

We are increasingly seeing another member of the Zuckerberg family make news. Meet Randi Zuckerberg, former marketing director of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s older sister. Ms. Zuckerberg studied psychology in Harvard, and unlike her brother, did finish school. She joined Facebook in 2005.

Ms. Zuckerberg resigned from Facebook earlier this year to start her own ‘mysterious and exciting new media venture,’ and going by her Facebook status updates, she has been aggressively meeting people since. RtoZ Media, as her startup is called, is ‘engaged in intersecting the world of traditional media with social technology.’ The specific details of what RtoZ will be doing is still under the wraps. But this particular story is not about RtoZ; its about another company called Trippy.  Ms. Zuckerberg posted a status update saying she has turned angel investor, Trippy is the company she invested in.

Randi Zuckerberg:  Excited to have made my first ever angel investment this week! Congrats on a great round and impressive angel roster!  Proud to be in the company of Tim Ferriss, Rachel Zoe, Jason Mraz, Ron Conway, Brandee Barker, and Sequoia Capital.

You may have been reading a lot about social CRM – how shopping is an inherently social activity, and how companies are trying to increasingly make shopping online fun, and something you can do with your friends over the Internet. Travel is also an inherently social activity; especially travelling for pleasure. This is where Trippy comes in. Trippy ties into social sites like Facebook, and lets your friends suggest tips when you share your travel plan.

How much did Ms. Zuckerberg invest? She did not share that information, but according to media reports, Trippy raised $1.75 million. The funding was led by Sequoia Capital. Tim Ferriss, Rachel Zoe, Jason Mraz, Ron Conway, and Brandee Barker also participated.

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