Facebook will begin roling out its ‘Graph Search’ to everyone using US English, over the next few weeks. The company had launched graph search as a limited beta in January this year. Up ahead, is mobile graph search, and a search that includes topics, posts, and comments, says Facebook.

Graph Search results are personalized and unique for everyone, based on what has been shared with them. For example, if you search for ‘Photos of San Francisco,’ you’ll see photos your friends took there and shared with you, as well as public photos. If someone else does the same search, they’re going to see different results because they have different friends, and different photos have been shared with them.

If you are using ‘US English’ and wondering how you will get upgraded to graphic search, there is nothing you need to do – Search boxes will be automatically updated says the social networking behemoth.  As Graph Search rolls out more widely, everyone on Facebook will see a notice on their home page with a reminder about how to control what they share and with whom, as well.

[Image courtesy: Facebook]

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