Epson Gets Into Wearable Computing, Launches Pulsense


Epson America has launched the Pulsense line of watches and fitness wristbands. Pulsense can monitor and store heart rate, activity level, calorie burn and sleep patterns. Consumers can expect to see more smart products coming from Epson in the health, fitness and sports segments of the wearables market, says the company.

Pulsense detects continuous heart rate directly from the wrist (without a chest strap) and features a proprietary heart-rate sensing module. The sensor measures the amount of light reflected from red blood cells and records a single heart beat when the amount of light reflected changes due to a drop in red blood cell count as the blood vessel contracts, says Epson. Ambient light interference is minimized and heart rate detection accuracy is improved using a microns thick blocking filter and multi-layer reflective coating.

Anna Jen (Director, New Ventures/New Products, Epson America): The Pulsense product line will be Epson’s first smart wrist wearable devices to leverage the company’s patented Bio sensing technology. These products showcase Seiko Epson’s heritage in wrist watch technology and consumer electronics manufacturing.

pulsense_epson_bandBy utilizing real-time heart-rate data, Pulsense is able to determine calories burned based on personal biometrics in addition to activity levels, gender, age and weight. Pulsense can store up to 480 hours of heart-rate data before having to transfer data to a smart phone app or computer.

Pulsense also offers a developers program for third-party mobile app developers.

Pulsense will be available in two different designs, the Pulsense PS-100 band ($129) and the Pulsense PS-500 watch ($199). Bot the devices will be shipping this summer.  

[Image courtesy: Epson]

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