Done” refers to the definition of a completed task, user story, or any other deliverable within a sprint or project. It signifies that a specific piece of work has met all the predefined criteria and is considered complete, ready for review, or potentially ready for deployment or release.

The “Definition of Done” (DoD) is an agreed-upon set of criteria established by the development team, product owner, and any other relevant stakeholders. These criteria help the team understand when they can consider a task, user story, or feature complete and move on to the next item in the backlog.

The definition of Done typically includes:

  1. Meeting the acceptance criteria: Ensuring that the deliverable meets all the specific requirements defined by the product owner or stakeholders.
  2. Code quality: Adhering to the project’s coding standards, including readability, maintainability, and performance.
  3. Testing: Completing and passing all required tests, such as unit tests, integration tests, and performance tests.
  4. Documentation: Providing necessary documentation, such as user guides, technical documentation, and release notes.
  5. Peer review: Having the work reviewed and approved by other team members to ensure it meets the team’s quality standards.
  6. Integration: Integrating the deliverable with the rest of the system without causing any issues or conflicts.
  7. No known defects: Ensuring there are no known bugs or issues with the deliverable.

It’s important to note that the Definition of Done may vary depending on the project or organization. However, having a clear and agreed-upon DoD helps the team to maintain consistency and quality across their work, ensuring the successful delivery of a high-quality product.


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