Discovery call

A discovery (disco) call is an initial conversation between a sales representative and a potential customer (prospect) aimed at understanding the prospect’s needs, challenges, and goals to determine if the company’s product or service is a good fit.

What is the primary objective of a discovery call?

The primary objective of a discovery call is to gather information about the prospect and build rapport, rather than to make a direct sales pitch.

What are some questions to ask during a discovery call?

During a discovery call, sales representatives typically ask open-ended questions to encourage the prospect to share valuable information about their situation, pain points, and desired outcomes.

Some common topics covered in a discovery call can include:

  • The prospect’s role and responsibilities within their organization
  • The company’s current challenges or problems that need to be addressed
  • The goals or desired outcomes the prospect hopes to achieve with a potential solution
  • The decision-making process and timeline for implementing a new product or service
  • Any budget constraints or limitations

By conducting a thorough discovery call, sales representatives can better understand if the prospect is a good fit for their offering, tailor their sales approach to address the prospect’s specific needs, and ultimately increase the likelihood of a successful sales outcome.

Discovery calls are a critical step in the sales process, as they lay the foundation for a strong relationship between the sales representative and the prospect.

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