Dell To Start Using Carbon Negative Packaging


Dell says it will start using carbon-negative packaging for its computers, starting this Fall, and beginning with the packaging sleeves around new Dell Latitude series notebooks. The company is also moving to a closed-loop supply chain, which it says will turn plastics from recycled electronics back into new systems.

Dell is basing its new packaging on AirCarbon, which is a carbon-negative packaging material from bio-tech startup Newlight Technologies.  AirCarbon is a plastic material made from air and greenhouse gases,  the manufacturing process sequestering more carbon than it produces, pulling carbon from the air. Dell is piloting AirCarbon packaging in the United States, and plans to extend it globally for use in both packaging and products.

Dell’s new closed-loop supply chain, developed in partnership with Wistron GreenTech, is expected to turn plastics from recycled electronics back into new systems. Dell says it will be the first company in the IT industry to use UL-Environment certified closed-loop recycled plastic in a computer, with the launch of the Dell OptiPlex 3030 All-in-One desktop, which will be commercially available in June.  Dell plans to use this closed-loop approach as a blueprint for reusing metals and other materials.

[Image courtesy: Dell]

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