Cooliris, Aibotix Brings Drone Photography To Consumers

Aibotix_X6_coolirisCooliris has signed a partnership with autonomous aerial vehicles-company Aibotix, for drone photography. The Cooliris  photo application will now integrate with drones, letting users share the drone-captured photos and videos to private groups on their iPad and iPhone.

Soujanya Bhumkar (CEO and co-founder, Cooliris): What we will bring is a very accessible and enriched way for the everyday consumer to capture and privately share amazing aerial photos and videos with their close groups of friends.

Using Aibotix’s next generation multicopter, which has a built-in camera mount, and Cooliris Groups, consumers will be able to capture aerial images, and share them with private groups of friends.

[Image courtesy: Aibotix]

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