Chrome, Google Drive Comes To IPhones, IPads

[Techtaffy Newsdesk]

Google pulled out a few aces from its corporate sleeves for iOS users. The company’s cloud storage service product is now available as an app for iPhones and iPads, as is its flagship Chrome browser. The announcement was made at the Google IO conference.

Google Drive is now available for your iPhone and iPad. You can download the Google Drive app here. With the Drive app, you can open files, PDFs, photos, videos or documents stored in your Drive. You can also search all your files, add collaborators to documents, and make files available offline to view them even without an Internet connection.

Chrome is also available for your iPhone and iPad. By signing in to Chrome, you can easily move from your desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet and have all of your stuff with you. When you’re signed in to Chrome, changing something on one device instantly changes it on all your other devices. For example, add a bookmark on your laptop, and it automatically appears on your desktop, so you can always pick up right where you left off.

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