CellScope Raises $1M From Khosla Ventures

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CellScope, a mobile health startup building systems for at-home diagnosis, and recent graduate of Rock Health’s first class of startups, has raised $1million in seed funding from Khosla Ventures.

The company’s first product is a smartphone-enabled otoscope for remote diagnosis of pediatric ear infections, which cause 30 million doctor visits annually in the US. Parents will be able to use the device to share images of the eardrum with remote pediatricians for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.

Vinod Khosla: Health data, the key ingredient to useful analysis and diagnosis, is starting to explode exponentially.

CellScope started in bioengineering Professor Dan Fletcher’s lab at UC Berkeley working on mobile microscopy for remote diagnosis in developing countries. The team went through Rock Health’s first class in San Francisco in 2011. Future CellScope products will leverage the platform for throat and skin exams and non-clinical applications including consumer skincare, says the company. The system is currently in pilot testing with doctors in the Bay Area.

[Image Courtesy: Cellscope]

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