Call to action (CTA)

A CTA, or Call to Action, is a prompt or instruction that encourages a user to take a specific action on a website, in an email, or within other marketing materials.

CTAs are designed to guide users towards a desired outcome, such as signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product, downloading a resource, or registering for an event.

CTAs usually take the form of buttons, links, or highlighted text, and they often use persuasive language to motivate users to take the desired action.

What are some examples of CTAs?

Common CTAs include phrases like include phrases like:

  • Buy Now
  • Subscribe
  • Learn More
  • Download
  • Get Started

A well-designed and strategically placed CTA can significantly improve conversion rates, increase user engagement, and drive desired outcomes for a business.

To create an effective CTA, it’s essential to use clear, compelling language, make the action easy to understand, and ensure that the CTA stands out visually from the surrounding content.

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