C3 AI integrates Shell’s predictive maintenance software into reliability application

C3 AI has announced the inclusion of predictive maintenance software developed by Shell into its C3 AI Reliability application. The move comes as part of a five-year collaboration between the two companies.

Shell has created advanced models and functionalities that forecast maintenance needs for control valves and critical equipment. These technologies will now be integrated into the C3 AI Reliability application, say the companies.

The C3 AI, Shell collaboration will also streamline offerings in the Open AI Energy Initiative marketplace, which was founded by C3 AI, Shell, Baker Hughes, and Microsoft. Shell’s predictive maintenance application for control valves will continue to be available for purchase on the OAI Energy platform.

C3 AI Reliability is an AI-powered predictive maintenance application, that unifies operational data from multiple sources and applies advanced machine learning, natural language processing, and generative AI techniques to identify equipment risks in advance, provide digestible insight summaries, and generate recommended actions to help reduce downtime and maintenance costs, according to the company.

[Image courtesy: C3 AI]

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