Adobe unveils Project Stardust and new AI technologies

Adobe has introduced Project Stardust, an object-aware editing engine using generative AI. The company also showcased 11 other early-stage technologies across various domains such as photo, video, audio, 3D, design, and fashion.

Project Stardust allows users to select, edit, and delete complex elements in images, says Adobe. It enables actions like moving persons within a photo composition and automatically filling in the background where they were previously located. It also facilitates changes to individual elements, such as the color of clothing.

The newly available Adobe Firefly, a family of creative generative AI models, was also highlighted. Adobe Firefly can be applied to video, audio, animation, and motion graphics, reducing post-production time substantially.

Other notable technologies presented include:


  • Project See Through aims to simplify the removal of reflections from photos.

Video & Audio:

  • Project Fast Fill introduces generative AI into Adobe’s video editing tools like Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • Project Dub Dub Dub automates the video dubbing process, translating audio tracks to multiple languages while maintaining the voice of the original speaker.
  • Project Scene Change assists in compositing subjects and scenes from different videos into a synchronized camera motion.
  • Project Res Up converts low-resolution videos to high-resolution using diffusion-based upsampling technology.

3D & Design:

  • Project Poseable generates 3D renderings from text input and can align large 3D objects.
  • Project Neo allows the incorporation of 3D shapes in 2D designs.
  • Project Primrose explores the integration of flexible textile displays in fashion, turning clothes into displays for content created with Adobe tools.

Typography & Illustration:

  • Project Glyph Ease simplifies the creation of custom glyphs.
  • Project Draw & Delight offers generative AI tools for transforming initial ideas into polished sketches and experimenting with style variations.

The advances were unveiled at the Adobe MAX conference, currently going on in Los Angeles.

[Image courtesy: Adobe]

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