Accenture Launches Connected Vehicle Integrated Solution

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Accenture unveiled the Accenture Connected Vehicle Integrated Solution (ACVIS) integrated solution for auto and truck manufacturers. The ACVIS helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) design and integrate technologies such as on-board devices, telematics and mobile connectivity – the next generation of in-vehicle technologies – which Accenture terms the “Connected Vehicle.”

The solution combines Accenture’s automotive industry knowledge and mobility services expertise with technology experience in a single solution.   As they seek to provide buyers with the latest in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) services, OEMs face a challenge in meeting complex integration requirements across a broad range of technologies.  Increasingly, buyers are demanding streamed audio and video, live navigation systems, safety devices, location-based advertising and personalized services as well as the ability to make mobile payments for auto-related expenditures and wi-fi access for their portable devices.

Accenture estimates that IVI could give OEMs up to $200 in added revenues per car in mature markets every year as drivers and passengers increase their use of the new technologies.  While IVI penetration is currently minimal in low- and medium-priced cars, Accenture research indicates that the new technologies will grow among all segments of the automotive market in the near future, approaching nearly complete penetration among luxury and other high-priced vehicles.  The challenge for vehicle manufacturers will be to maximize sales by incorporating the right technologies into the appropriate vehicle price range.

The ACVIS is currently being deployed by one large global car maker, says Accenture. The client is working with Accenture to help integrate technology and the back-end solution for online billing and order management services as part of its plans to include the latest in-vehicle technologies across its product range.

[Original upload date: 01-21-12]

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