Accenture Delivering New Mobility Capabilities To The Colomer Group


The Colomer Group, a hair and beauty products company based in Barcelona, is implementing an interactive sales force automation tool based on enterprise mobility solutions that are the result of co-innovation efforts by Accenture  and SAP.

Accenture developed a custom sales force automation tool – built on Sybase Unwired Platform – with capabilities that will eventually be rolled out to more than 500 sales people at the Colomer Group. The sales tool is a  result of the strategic relationship announced in May when Accenture and SAP said they would be working together on new enterprise mobility offerings leveraging the Sybase Unwired Platform.

For the Colomer Group, each salesperson will be equipped with a tablet computer that can perform multiple functions, including displaying a product catalogue that features some items presented in a video format. Special sales promotions are also highlighted. The sales tool also completes order forms, which are sent electronically to the Colomer Group’s systems running SAP applications and reduces the overall sales processing time while optimizing the work schedule of sales people.