Zynga is rolling out a revamped website, the beta version of.. Zynga.  The biggest change you will see is that you can create a Zynga account, separately from Facebook. 

Starting next week, when you visit Zynga, you will see a new streamlined signup that lets you create your own account. You will also have the option to connect and share with Facebook. 

Once upon a time, Zynga and Facebook helped build each other. The majority of Zynga’s revenues still comes from games people play on Facebook; but both the companies have learnt the hard way that investors may link their financial fate as one. While Zynga is trying to make it on its own, Facebook has also opened itself up to other game studios and developers. 

Over the coming days, looks like Zynga’s uphill task will be to recreate at least some of the readymade community and network Facebook offered.