yahoo_new[Techtaffy Newsdesk]

Yahoo has revamped its website. The site sports a bold three-column look (yes, like Facebook). Yahoo has also introduced a dynamic live news feed (infinitely scrollable, like Pinterest, like Techtaffy) that includes news, and videos. There have been some under-the-hood improvements as well, making the site faster, says Yahoo.

The new newsfeed defaults to a blend of story types, you can filter the kind of stories you want to see. The more feedback you provide, the more personalized your experience becomes. can sign in with either your Yahoo or Facebook ID for personalized content. If you want to share a news item, hovering over it pulls up a ‘share’ button.

Marissa Mayer (CEO, Yahoo): Over the coming months, we’ll continue to make changes and improvements, so today is just the beginning.

Yahoo is also getting closer integration with Flickr.  You can customize the Flickr application to display photos taken by the people you’re following.

There are seven new applications on the right side of the screen, weather, stocks, sports, and so on. You can customize this area as well.

Yahoo had 119 million monthly visitors in January, up 9 percent compared to a year earlier (comScore).