Yahoo Encrypting All Mails


Traffic moving between Yahoo data centers is fully encrypted as of March 31, says the Internet giant. Yahoo had made Yahoo Mail browsing over HTTPS the default in January. Since then the company has enabled encryption of mail between its servers and other mail providers that support the SMTP TLS standard.

The Yahoo home page and its search queries  also have HTTPS encryption enabled by default.  A new, encrypted, version of Yahoo Messenger will be deployed in coming months, says Yahoo.

Alex Stamos (Chief Information Security Officer, Yahoo): Our goal is to encrypt our entire platform for all users at all time, by default.

Yahoo says one of its biggest areas of focus in the coming months will be to work with partners across the company’s hundreds of properties to ensure data security. Yahoo will also be implementing security measures such as HSTS, perfect forward secrecy and certificate transparency over the coming months.  

[Image courtesy: Yahoo]

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