[Techtaffy Newsdesk]

The board of directors of Xerox has elected new officers of the corporation. The following executives from Xerox’s services business now assume the additional title of corporate vice president:

• David Amoriell, chief operating officer, Transportation, Central and Local Government

• Thomas Blodgett, chief operating officer, European Services

• David Bywater, chief operating officer, State Government

• Connie Harvey, chief operating officer, Commercial Services

• Kevin Kyser, chief operating officer, Information Technology Outsourcing

• Ann Vezina, chief operating officer, Enterprise Business Process Outsourcing

In addition, the following executives from the company’s technology business were also named corporate vice presidents, reflecting their roles in strengthening Xerox’s industry leadership in document management:

• Jeffrey Jacobson, president, Global Graphic Communications

• Douraid Zaghouani, president, Channel Partner Operations

The board appointments are effective immediately. A complete list of Xerox corporate officers is available here.