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Wyle has been selected as one of multiple winners to supply a range of engineering, technical and support services to the U.S. Air Force Materiel Command under the Design Engineering Support Program, also known as DESP III contract.

DESP III has a five-year ordering period with a seven-year execution period, and a contract ceiling of $1.9 billion. While the DESP III contract is specifically established within the Air Force Materiel Command, this contract vehicle may be used by all other Air Force and other DOD agencies.

The objectives of the DESP III program focus on improving system life cycle cost, operational life, performance, sustainment including maintainability and support, and safety and environmental friendliness. Engineering services are in the areas of new design, technical documentation, diminishing material and manufacturing sources, environmental improvement issues, reliability, productivity, efficiency, and cost saving.

Wyle is a provider of high tech aerospace engineering and information technology services to the federal government on long-term outsourcing contracts. The company also provides test and evaluation of aircraft, weapon systems, networks, and other government assets; and other engineering services to the aerospace, defense, and nuclear power industries.

Upload: 02-19-12