Windows 8 At Staples Coming With Free Support

[Techtaffy Newsdesk]

Office products company and Internet retailer Staples is gearing up for the fast-approaching Windows 8 launch, by making support an integral part of its offerings.

Staples customers who pre-order Microsoft Windows 8 devices will receive free personalized training. Consumers who purchase any Windows 8 PC regularly priced $699 and above will also receive free data transfer from their old computer. The training and support is part of the ‘8 Was Easy’  program launched by the retailer as part of it Windows 8 sales initiative. The Staples ‘8 Was Easy’ launch program also includes free support.

Staples is gearing up with more than 4,000 associates who are certified Microsoft Advisors, says the retailer.

[Image Courtesy: Staples]

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