Wear Your Smartphone Out On Your Wrist

Smile_bracelet_smartphoneIts a smartphone. Its a wrist watch. Its a wrist-phone! The world’s first smart phone users can wear like a bracelet, called Smile, is up for grabs, from EmoPulse, a Palo Alto, California-based outfit.

The Smile bracelet functions are based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, according to the company. The system uses data gathered by emo-sensors to enhance the self-learning process.  

The Smile smartphone uses sensors that can read your mood, can monitor your health, and send out replies automatically when you are not available. Smile can also recommend movies or act as a digital wallet. It comes with three cameras, that lets you record 1080 HD video or scan text. The Smile bracelet phone watch can also talk like Yoda. Or a robot. No, we are not making things up.


Payment functions and a user’s personal data are both encrypted and blocked as soon as you take your Smile off of your wrist. Restarting the bracelet and all its services is possible only by using voice activation, similar to those used in banks and access control systems. 

Smile’s memory can store all of your personal key information including permanent keys for your house, garage, office and car and temporary ones for your hotel or season tickets. The OMAP 5 processor allows for desktop quality gaming on your wrist, says EmoPulse. Smile can not however toast bread.

EmoPulse is currently raising funding at Indiegogo. A 128GB version of Smile will cost you $300 to $380, depending on the color you want. The 256 GB version costs $550. Delivery is estimated around October this year.

[Images courtesy: EmoPulse]



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