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WANdisco has completed the acquisition of Silicon Valley-based software company AltoStor.

AltoStor is a small firm with deep expertise in the Big Data market. Its founders, Dr. Konstantin Shvachko and Jagane Sundar, are among the core Apache Hadoop creators, developers and on-going contributors.

By applying WANdisco’s patented “active-active replication” technology, currently being deployed to enable faster, more efficient software development, to Big Data, businesses could take steps to minimize data loss and realize zero downtime in operating large, mission-critical databases. WANdisco plans to announce the availability of its first Big Data-targeted solution in Q1 2013.

The AltoStor founders will join WANdisco, Mr.  Sundar will join as chief technology officer & vice president of engineering for Big Data and Mr. Shvachko as the chief architect of Big Data.

[Image courtesy: WANdisco]