Walmart Opening Largest Ever Distribution Center For Online Orders

WalmartWalmart is opening two new centers dedicated to filling online orders, including one in Texas and one in Pennsylvania that will be its largest ever.

Walmart expects sales from its e-commerce business to exceed $10 billion globally this fiscal year. In addition to the U.S., Walmart global e-commerce sales come primarily from Brazil, China, and the UK. This holiday season Walmart will carry over five million products online, twice as last year. 

In the past two years, Walmart says it has sped up delivery by 15 percent, while reducing overall costs by 10 percent by optimizing the way orders are shipped using Walmart’s different physical locations. Part of this optimization is enabled by algorithms developed by Walmart Labs, that determine the best shipping node based on the customer location and items ordered.  

Over 10 percent of units ordered on are now shipped to a customer’s door from a store, and more than 50 percent of these orders are delivered in two days or less.

[Image courtesy: Walmart]

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