US Air Force To Buy 20 Teraflop Rugged HPEC System From GE


GE has received an order from the US Air Force Research Laboratory for a high performance embedded computing (HPEC) system that will enable the development and deployment of advanced neuromorphic architectures and algorithms for adaptive learning, large-scale dynamic data analytics and reasoning.

The GPU-based HPEC system is housed in a 6U OpenVPX rack mount chassis and is capable of delivering 20 teraflops (20 trillion floating point operations per second) in computing horsepower. The system is scalable and can be expanded to include additional racks and compute nodes.

The GE system will provide real-time processing for high bandwidth data derived from radio frequency sensors. It is designed to support the US DoD’s High Performance Computing modernization program, and will be used for the development of next-generation radar programs such as Gotcha wide-area SAR (synthetic aperture radar).

[Image courtesy: US Air Force]



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