The State of Kansas – a new client for Unisys – has awarded the company a contract to provide a hybrid cloud solution to help establish a secure and modern IT infrastructure for the state’s executive branch. Valued at approximately $40 million, the contract spans 62 months, followed by two one-year option periods.

Through the contract, the state will transfer ownership of its aging IT hardware to Unisys. Unisys will then replace that infrastructure with modern technology and access to cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Unisys will be responsible for the compute and data storage environment as well as operational support, including deployment, technology refresh, patching, troubleshooting and asset management. The state will retain responsibility for application development.

In addition, Unisys will offer a full range of related services, including data center and network security, compliance and audit support, server management and disaster recovery, the company said in a statement.

[Image courtesy: State of Kansas]