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Electronic Arts (EA) is launching a collaboration with consumer products giant Unilever to feature a variety of its consumer brands in EA games. The agreement will first feature a variety of Unilever products in The Sims Socialeach integrated in the game.

Throughout a year-long campaign, EA and Unilever will roll out new integrations in The Sims Social, each featuring a Unilever product through interactive in-game items. In January, the campaign kicked off with the virtual Dove Hair Spa, where players upgraded their bathrooms and interacted with the spa and Dove hair care products.

Dave Madden (Senior vice president, Global Media Solutions, EA): In just a two week period, over one million The Sims Social players redeemed the Dove Hair Spa virtual items in their games.

Upcoming integrations will feature seasonally relevant Unilever products throughout the year. This spring and summer, Unilever’s ice cream brands – including new Magnum Mini Ice Cream bars, new Yosicleice pops and Cornetto ice cream cones – will help keep The Sims Social players cool. Additional brands will be introduced later, including features that integrate other Unilever North America products into The Sims Social universe.

In addition to the line-up of branded items, each Unilever product integration inside The Sims Social will connect with the next, enhancing the gameplay experience through rewards and in-game bonuses to players who engage with multiple Unilever products.

The EA and Unilever partnership was facilitated by Mindshare Media.