Ubuntu Unveils Multi-Tasking Tablet Experience


[Techtaffy Newsdesk]

Canonical unveiled Ubuntu’s tablet interface.

The Ubuntu tablet interface supports screen sizes from 6″ to 20″ and resolutions from 100 to 450 PPI.  Ubuntu offers a full PC experience when the tablet is docked to a keyboard, with access to remote Windows applications over standard protocols from Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and Wyse.

Mark Shuttleworth (Founder, Ubuntu and Canonical): Our family of interfaces now scales across all screens, so your phone can provide tablet, PC and TV experiences when you dock it. That’s unique to Ubuntu and it’s the future of personal computing.

Even without chipset-specific optimisation, Ubuntu can work on entry level hardware. The company had a four-year engagement with ARM. Ubuntu is also compatible with any Linux-oriented Board Support Package (BSP).

Ubuntu allows a phone app on the screen at the same time as a tablet app.  Multiple accounts can be used on one tablet with full encryption for personal data. Screen edges are used for navigation between apps, settings and controls. Media is presented on the customisable home screen, which can search hundreds of sources. Perfect for carriers and content owners that want to highlight their own content, while still providing access to a global catalogue.



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