Twitter_mobile_updatesTwitter has updated its mobile experience, to include hash tags and user name suggestions, as well as new Twitter Cards and mobile app deep-linking for Twitter developers. The updates will be rolling out to users over the next several days.

You have a new version of Twitter for Android now, that suggests user name and hash tags as you type. The redesign reflects a native Android experience: wider and taller timelines that fill the screen, a flat navigation bar, and tap and hold for quick actions, among other things. Users can now navigate between tabs by swiping across the screen. User name and hash tags come up as the user is typing.

Twitter has also updated Twitter for iPhone and All three mobile apps, plus, now show more types of content in expanded Tweets: photo galleries, apps and product listings.

You’ll also see a new link right below content that is shared from another mobile app, such as Foursquare or Path. The link lets you open or download the app right from the tweet, depending on whether or not you have it installed.

Twitter Cards are being used by more than 10,000 developers, mobile apps and websites to richly represent content on Twitter, including article summaries, user-posted photos, videos, songs, and more.

Twitter developers get goodies too

Twitter is introducing mobile app deep-linking in Cards. With mobile app deep-linking, users will be able to tap a link to either view content directly in your app, or download your app, depending on whether or not they have your app installed.

Twitter is also adding new types of Twitter Cards, for Apps, Product, and Gallery.

[Image courtesy: Twitter]