Twitter Launches Custom Timelines

Twitter_custom_timelineTwitter is introducing a new custom timelines feature, that lets users create their own custom timelines based on interest areas or hashtags, using Tweetdeck.

Custom timelines are an entirely new type of timeline, says Twitter, and lets users create, name, and choose the tweets you want to add to it. The timeline curates what users believe could be the most relevant tweets on a topic. Each timeline is public and has its own page on Twitter. Other users can follow along in real time as more tweets are added.

Custom timelines are part of theTwitter for Websites toolkit, and can be embedded on websites as well.The microblogging site is also providing an API for developers to integrate the custom timeline feature.

Users can create, add to and share a custom timeline from TweetDeck. Over the next several days, these capabilities will roll out to all TweetDeck users, says Twitter.

[Image courtesy: Twitter]

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