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Tumblr will be unveiling some ‘new stuff’ soon, says John Maloney, president of the company, in his latest tumblr post. Awesomeness aside, Mr. Maloney also announced that he is stepping down from his role as president. However, his four year association with the blogging site is not coming to a close, and he says that he will be sticking close to the tumblr team.

John Maloney: I told the team and board this week that it’s time for me to transition away from running day-to-day operations. It’s the right time for me and a good time for Tumblr.

Mr. Maloney says he is now going to spend more time with his family, more time supporting startups/founders, paying some things forward, and learning a bunch of new things.

[Image Courtesy: Mr. John Maloney, Tumblr]