Have You Tried The LinkedIn Maps Yet?

LinkedIn_MapsLinkedIn Maps is an interactive visual representation of your LinkedIn connections, based on the relationships between your connections.

LinkedIn uses information about how people in your network are connected to you, and each other, to create your personalized map. Groups like colleagues, people you went at school with, or friends are separated into color-coded clusters. InMaps are updated every week on Sunday. LinkedIn is planning to add search and enhanced exploration features to the maps at some stage.

InMaps uses Hadoop/Pig , Ruby , Voldemort, Java and Processing for the heavy backend maps calculation and image processing. The exploration widget is powered by Javascript and open-source libraries Seadragon and RaphaelJS. It is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE7+. There is a custom version of InMaps for iPad/iPhone. Algorithms and map design were inspired by Gephi, open-source network visualization platform. But have been built in-house.

InMaps is part of LinkedIn Labs, a set of projects and experimental features built by the employees of LinkedIn.

Go to, and log in with your LinkedIn credentials to get your own InMaps. You can check out a list of FAQs on InMaps here.

[Image courtesy: LinkedIn]

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