Mobility services company Transdev and Delphi Automotive have inked a commercial partnership to develop a fully-automated, mobility-on-demand (AMoD) transport system.

The system will utilize Transdev Universal Routing Engine (URE) and Delphi’s automated driving platform – the Centralized Sensing, Localization and Planning (CSLP) platform – which Delphi is developing in partnership with Mobileye.

Delphi and Transdev will share knowledge of AMoD systems to develop fully autonomous vehicles, a driverless vehicle infrastructure solution (DVIS) and cloud infrastructure to support a commercial AMoD system that can operate globally.

To accomplish this, Delphi will integrate its turnkey CSLP platform into Transdev’s mobility service vehicles, including a centralized computer running Delphi’s Ottomatika vehicle control software, a sensor suite, and all the required connectivity and data devices based on Control-Tec real-time analytics, Movimento’s secure, over-the-air (OTA) technologies and Mobileye’s REM technology.Transdev will integrate its Universal Routing Engine (URE) and remote control-command software, including intelligent infrastructure and additional software modules dedicated to public transportation and leverage its knowledge in client use-cases, safety and quality of service specifications for shared mobility services.

Transdev and Delphi will start collaborating on pilot programs in Paris-Saclay and Rouen (Normandy) France, as the first EU driverless, on-demand mobility service on an open road, according to a statement issued by Delphi.

[Images courtesy: Delphi]