Toshiba Launches Largest Capacity Automotive Hard Drive In The World

Toshiba has launched the MQ01AAD032C 320GB1 SATA HDD, the world’s largest capacity automotive-grade hard disk drive (HDD), according to the company.

Joel Hagberg (Vice president, Marketing, Storage Products Business Unit, Toshiba): Consumers demand excellence in their technology, and in-vehicle computing systems are not different.

With 320GB of storage, the drive’s 4,200 rpm speed offers internal transfer rates of up to 976 Mbit/s using an average seek time of 12 ms.

Each drive is optimized to handle temperature variations of -22º to +185ºF while in operation and handle -40º to +203ºF during non-operating. With aerodynamic technology in the magnetic head slider, the drive series can withstand altitudes up to 18,536 feet (higher than any city in the world) while in operation, and withstands up to 3G (29.4m/s²) vibration tolerance  during operation, says Toshiba.



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