Toshiba Introduces Application Processors For Wearable Devices


Toshiba has unveiled the TZ1001MBG, an application processor for wearable devices. Sample shipments will start in May, with mass production scheduled to start in September, 2014, says the company.

The new application processor is a single package that integrates an accelerometer, a processor to handle the data acquired by the sensor, flash memory to store data, and a Bluetooth Low Energy controller, as well as a gyroscope and a magnetometer. The product integrates high resolution ADCs that can convert analog signals from external sensors, such as pulse wave and electrocardiogram (ECG), into digital data, and deliver it to the internal processor.

Applications of the TZ1001MBG include wearable devices, such as activity monitors, and smart watches, as well as bracelet- and glasses-type devices, says Toshiba.

[Image courtesy: Toshiba]

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