TomTom Launches Navigation Device Designed For Bikers

TomTom[Techtaffy Newsdesk]

TomTom has launched TomTom Rider, a portable navigation device for bikers.

TomTom Rider feeds audio instructions directly to the user’s helmet via Bluetooth. The device introduces a 4.3’’ glove-friendly screen, and is designed for riding in any weather conditions, including rain or bright sunlight. The device also comes with a charging bike dock that turns it on or off with the ignition of the bike.

Bikers can create and upload their personalised routes direct to their TomTom Rider device. By downloading Tyre interactive software, bikers can search, create and edit their own routes on a PC. A ‘Upload Routes and Go’ feature enables bikers to upload routes directly to their device and share them with other bikers via Bluetooth.


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