Dr. Tolga Kurtoglu has been named chief executive of PARC, a Xerox company. Dr. Kurtoglu’s appointment follows previous CEO Stephen Hoover, who was promoted to CTO of Xerox, responsible for research, development and engineering, reporting to Jeff Jacobson, CEO of Xerox, following the company’s separation.

Prior to his promotion to CEO, Dr. Kurtoglu held the position of PARC vice president and director of the System Sciences Laboratory (SSL), where he was responsible for PARC’s research portfolio in artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, geometric reasoning, modeling and simulation, and cyber-physical security. Dr. Ersin Uzun, formerly PARC vice president and director of the Computing Science Laboratory (CSL), will assume Dr. Kurtoglu’s prior responsibilities and will lead the combined organization.

Dr. Kurtoglu joined PARC in 2010. Prior to PARC, he was a researcher at NASA Ames Research Center, and a mechanical design engineer at Dell. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin and M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University, both in Mechanical Engineering.

Updated: 04 March 2017