TiVo Launches TiVo Mini


TiVo has released TiVo Mini, an all-purpose companion device six-inches long and just over an inch wide, that extends TiVo functionalities to additional rooms without an additional TiVo DVR.

TiVo Mini uses one of the DVR’s tuners to enable the control and access of content on a TV in another room of the house. Users can control their main TiVo DVR by scheduling recordings and WishList searches, among other activities. Users can also start a show in the living room, and finish it on a TiVo Mini in another room.

Jim Denney (GM and VP,  Product Marketing, TiVo): The TiVo Mini answers the demand for a simplified whole-home viewing experience and a more cost-effective solution than putting another DVR or cable set-top box in another room. 

In addition to TV, movies, and music, the TiVo Mini includes a gaming component. Users can also access their photos on TV screens throughout the home.

The TiVo Mini costs $99.99, with a monthly subscription fee of $5.99 for 12-months. Users can also purchase TiVo Mini with lifetime service for a one-time cost of $249.98.

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