The Omni Group, makers of Mac/iOS software including OmniPlan and OmniGraffle, have released OmniPresence, a way for users to sync documents.

Ken Case, (CEO,  Omni Group): Rather than building document syncing on top of a proprietary service that might not be available to you in five years, we built OmniPresence on top of open server technologies so that anyone can run their own service. If you’re headed to Mars or Antarctica and want to be able to sync documents between devices while you’re there, all you need is a run-of-the-mill server and OmniPresence.

With OmniPresence, users can store their data anywhere, says the company. OmniPresence syncs everything within a folder between multiple devices, using a standard Web server. Users are also able to keep all data under their own control.  

The Omni Group also released a free and open-source framework for iOS developers to add support for OmniPresence to any document-based application on the iPad or iPhone.

OmniPresence is a free download for the latest version of OS X, and is built into the Omni Group’s document-based apps on the iPad, as well.

[Image courtesy: The Omni Group]