How Walmart, Delta, Chevron and Starbucks are using AI to monitor employee messages — CNBC

Aware, an AI firm specializing in analyzing employee messages, said companies including Walmart, Delta, T-Mobile, Chevron and Starbucks are using its technology, writes Hayden Field. 

Starbucks Launches Its Own Emoji Keyboard

Starbucks has launched its own set of emoji characters. The coffeemaker's Keyboard for mobile features icons for Starbucks beverages, and people holding Starbucks beverages, among other...

Starbucks Begins Powermat Wireless Charging Roll-Out

Starbucks unveiled Powermat wireless charging in approximately 200 of its stores in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The coffee store franchise says this is...

Starbucks Mobile Order Will Let You Order Ahead

Coffeehouses chain Starbucks is all set to introduce a 'Mobile Order and Pay' service in stores within the Portland area before the end of the calendar year. The service will enable customers to place orders ahead of their visit to the coffee shops, and pick up later. The company is planning the launch of Mobile Order and Pay in 2015 across the United States.

Google Working With Level 3 To Bring Free WiFi To Starbucks

Starbucks is replacing AT&T with Google to provide WiFi to its customers, beginning this August. Starbucks and Google will also work together to co-develop...