Lumos raises $35M

San Francisco, CA-based access management platform provider Lumos has raised $35 million in Series B financing.

The practical way this tech company is fighting racist algorithms — Fast Company

Pinterest’s new technology builds on the company’s efforts to establish a more inclusive product experience, writes Elissaveta Brandon. Here is the link:

Tech giants list principles for handling harmful content — Axios

Nine of the world's biggest tech companies have come together to establish an industry framework for handling harmful content and conduct online, writes Margaret...

Former Pinterest employees allege ‘pure hell’ of unfair pay, racism and retaliation — CNBC

Two Black former Pinterest employees went public with claims of discrimination and retaliation during their time at the company that ended last month, writes...

Pinterest appoints Gokul Rajaram to board

Pinterest has appointed Gokul Rajaram, Caviar lead at DoorDash, to its board, and as a member of its Nominating and Corporate Governance committee.